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August 20, 2013

Design Wall Monday (a little bit late)

Sorry it’s a bit late! Goodness what a busy couple of days! After work yesterday, I took my teenage daughter out to the outlet mall to finish up the back-to-school shopping, then had to go to the dance wear store for body tights (y’all ever hear of them before?), before finally coming home at almost 8 last night. To say the least, I was exhausted. But I did manage to do step 4 in the Road to Brenham Quilt Along (Patchwork Times) before crashing. Simple, yet small, nine patches.

So since not a ton has changed on my design wall since my last few posts, I thought I’d pull some of the last few days pics, along with pics I took tonight of the newest step on the Star Surround Quilt Along (Happy Quilting), and they will comprise my (late) Monday Design Wall.

Here’s the QOV Mystery Quilt’s latest step. Don’t you love this?!? All of these fabrics so far are from my scrap box. I love finally getting some use out of those.

Here’s a sample of a couple of the blocks for the Star Surround Quilt Along. This week we’re building the parts for the “surround.”

Do you see how large these blocks are?

Melissa is an amazing and talented designer and a great teacher.  These blocks have been coming together so quickly and easily.  If you haven't started this one yet, please consider joining in.  I've been having so much fun!!!

I figure tomorrow, I’ll take the parts with me to work, and try to get the pinning done in my free time so I can focus on sewing when I get home tomorrow night. Hopefully will have all the parts together before bed so I am ready for the next step in the Road to Brenham on Thursday.

So what are y’all working on?


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