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December 29, 2014

Grand Illusion Parts 4 and 5

Busy. Yes, that's what Christmas week was, very, very busy. I really enjoyed the time with my kids(all three were home) and my family.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!

That being said, I was so glad when things finally slowed down enough for me to enjoy some of this over this last weekend:

Cutting and sewing in front of the fire.  It was soooo relaxing after all the rush of the last few weeks.  I managed to get quite a bit done.  First up, clue #4 from Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion mystery:

Then clue #5!  All caught up again...
For Christmas, I treated myself to the awesome cubby I found at Target.  You can see that I've got my first four clues sorted in it and the bottom row are fabrics from active projects.  I've been looking for a better way to organize everything in my tiny apartment!  All of this had been living on my dresser.  So happy to have found a solution!

After that, I decided on some easy sewing.  I settled on my Austen Family Album quilt along.  I'm terribly behind as she has already finished posting the blocks.  But this weekend was a good surge ahead on that project.  

Here's block 16.  The blue is an old feedsack from my grandmother's stash.  
Here are blocks 17 & 18....

And then blocks 19 & 20...

I'm back at work this morning and will be working the long houred days for a few more weeks so I'm not sure how much sewing will be done.  But I will share as I go!!!  I hope you all are enjoying the holidays!  Come see what everyone is working on.  I'll be linking up to Patchwork Times and Quiltville today.


  1. Your cubby is so cute and looks great with the blocks from the mystery quilt in it. Love your feedsack blocks. How nice that you have your grandmothers fabric to use!

  2. What a cheerful Christmas display. It is fun to see other nutcracker collections. Your cubby is great to keep units in order. The reveal is almost here!

  3. I love your mystery quilt fabrics... especially the black and white prints with text :)

  4. Love your mystery fabrics and Jane Austin blocks. Has Barbara posted anything about doing another BOM soon? I may need to mosey on over to Target this week and checkout that cubby. ;)

  5. I'm so jealous of that wonderful fireplace. That cubby is great, it looks antique in the photograph, so I was so surprised to hear you say it came from Target! The Jane Austen blocks look terrific, too.

  6. I am a bit envious that you are caught up on the Grand Illusion. I hope to find time to finish this top in January. Starting late did not help and I knew it was crazy to start new in December, but it has been SO MUCH FUN!