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September 11, 2016

St. Louis Visit - Day 1

Hi y'all!  I am so excited.  My mom and I are on a road trip to Chicago for the Sew Pro Convention next week.  We decided to stretch it out and really do it right so you'll be seeing a bunch of posts from me over the next few weeks detailing our adventures.

But before we start that, I need to share this picture with you.  Today is the first time in 20-years that I've not been with my baby girl for her birthday!  We celebrated Friday night before we took off for our adventure.

 A Quilting Chick - 20th Birthday

I sure missed her today.  Cassidy has grown into a gorgeous, intelligent, caring young woman and I'm so proud of her!  She's always been my best friend and will always will be.  I love you baby!!!

We drove up from Texas yesterday.  I took a few pics on the way.  We stopped at the Texas Welcome Center in Texarkana, TX.

 A Quilting Chick - Texas Welcome Center

Saying goodbye to Texas, we crossed into Arkansas.  This was my first time in Arkansas.

 A Quilting Chick - Arkansas Welcome Center

I loved that they had the POW flag flying at the welcome center.

 A Quilting Chick - Arkansas Welcome Center Flags

Not much else yesterday as it was a 12 hour drive.  We checked into the hotel in St. Louis, MO, last night and spent the day exploring today.  First, we took in a game at Busch Stadium.

 A Quilting Chick - Busch Stadium

This is a beautiful stadium!  Here's another shot...

 A Quilting Chick - Busch Stadium 2

We had great seats at the game!  And it was a beautiful 73 degrees when we got there.  I'm a big baseball fan and would love to get to all of the stadiums.  The Cardinals have a wall showing the Hall of Fame players.

 A Quilting Chick - Hall of Fame Wall

Here's the scoreboard.  I love the classic look of the clock on top and the numbers at the bottom represent the retired jerseys in the organization.

 A Quilting Chick - Cardinals Scoreboard

The Cards lost but it was a lot of fun anyway and I'll always remember this visit.  On the way out, I caught this picture of the Stan Musial statue.  They honored him at the beginning of today's game.

 A Quilting Chick - Stan Musial

After the game, we decided to track down a barbecue joint for an early dinner.  I totally forgot to get a picture but we went to Smoking Barrels.  It was pretty good, but I think I'll stick with Texas BBQ.

Then we decided to try to track down Chain of Rocks bridge.  After some checking online, I don't think we quite found it.  We're going to look again tomorrow.  But the bridge we did find was beautiful!

 A Quilting Chick - Bridge over the Mississippi

We walked up to the center of the bridge and gazed out at the Mississippi.  Absolutely gorgeous!  Then we decided on a trip to Ted Drewers Frozen Custard for dessert.  It is an old Route 66 favorite.

 A Quilting Chick - Ted Drewes Frozen Custard

There were easily 100 people there.  It was like a tailgate party.  And the frozen custard was delicious!  I had Lemon Crumb, a lemon custard with crushed graham crackers mixed in.  Yum!

And that was our day!  Tomorrow we are touring Busch Stadium then taking Route 66 up to Chicago.  I cannot wait!!!

Hope y'all enjoy my little vacation posts and thanks for bearing with me!!


  1. I live in Illinois and have biked several times across the Chain of Rocks Bridge from the Illinois side. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chain_of_Rocks_Bridge It's hard to imagine cars traveling across that bridge.

  2. Since I didn't get a vacation, I'm certainly going to take the opportunity to enjoy yours! I love your bridge picture, and the stadium looks great. I love the clock, too.

  3. Sounds like you're making the most of your drive, enjoying the sights. Maybe I'll see you at Sew Pro. I'm heading out on Thursday.

  4. It sounds like your trip is off to a great start. Enjoy!