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September 8, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop!

Hi everyone and welcome to A Quilting Chick!  I was tagged in this fun blog hop by Erin over at Sew at Home Mummy (*waves* Hi Erin!).  Have y'all been following along on this one?  It has been so much fun to explore and meet so many new people and find so many new blogs!  So without further ado, let me tell you a bit about me!

I'm a single mom of three wonderful, almost fully grown children, the last of which hits 18 this week (how is that even possible???).  Quilting is my stress reliever which I'm sure many of you understand.  My kids get this and whenever I'm starting to flip out, they pour me a glass of sweet tea, and point me to my sewing machine.  Awesome kids, right?

I just finished up my Deep in the Heart of Texas Roadtrip QAL.  Here's a pic of the finished top...

Love that one!  And a few closeups of it...

I would say that my style is more traditional with a modern twist.  I much prefer the more traditional block, put together in a new, fun way or with some awesome modern fabric.  I love scrap quilts like this one...


This is my version of the Scrap Jar Star quilt.  To me, a scrap quilt doesn't have to look like a scrap quilt.  I pulled all of these fabrics form the scrap pile, but making sure they were from the same color family really made this one gorgeous.

I help test patterns for Persimmon Quilts who writes mysteries to help benefit the Quilt of Valor program.  Here is one I recently finished up testing...


I just finished up testing another for her and should be able to share a finish soon.  I love sampler quilts.  But again, I like to put my own twist on them, like on this one...


I combined the sampler blocks with a star block to make my one unique setting for the sampler.  One of my absolute favorites (click on the picture for details!).

Traditional doesn't have to mean boring and modern doesn't have to be, "out there!"  Take the elements of both, the ones you love, and make them your own!

I can't wait to see meet more people as we follow along on this blog hop!  I'm tagging:

Melissa - Tension Issues (she uses sewing to relax too!)

Sabrina - Sabie Sews (Love!  Awesome fabrics and tutes!)  and...

Anna - Mod Quilt Girl  (Another Texas Gal!)

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  1. Hello quilting chick Cathy! I am SO GLAD you were tagged because I am now able to get to know you better. I think our children must be close in age because my baby is 17; I have 3 as well. I really feel for you being a single mother and commend you because that had to be tough.

    I am in love with all of your quilts! I am surprised at how much we have in common, really. I LOVE LOVE LOVE scrappy quilts but I like them to be color coordinated. I suppose you could say I like quilts with lots of fabrics in them.

    Your Texas quilt is to die for and inspires me to make a Utah quilt some day. I love how the shape of Texas is the main focus with the blocks inside.

    Your scrap jar star quilt is probably my favorite! You do beautiful work!

  2. gorgeous quilts! I love the scrap jar quilt and the sampler quilt with the stars setting is so unique!

  3. When I read blogs, I scan pictures and then go back and read. I immediately thought, great idea for a QOV when I saw your red, white, and blue quilt! Love the scrap jar quilt also.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous WIPS! you're so close to finishing :) I agree with you on your views on modern and traditional :) awesome post!!! xoxoxo

  5. Your quilts are beautiful, Cathy! Love the fabric choices you have made. Each quilt is so bright and happy! Modern vs. Traditional? Yours is a perfect blending of the two!