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June 30, 2014

Design Wall Monday

Wow!  I feel like I got a lot of sewing done this week but when I look back at the pictures I don't see much.  But here's what I've been working on.  First up is the Texas Roadtrip QAL.  I did the El Paso block (over to the left representing the railroad), the block for Midland/Odessa (the oil rig), and the piecing for the third quadrant.

I was so excited that we are about done with the third quadrant and about to start the fourth and final quadrant.  But just like Texas, that quadrant is huge and will take the entire month of July!!  But I'm super excited to get to my part of the state.

Next up are last week's and this week's blocks for the Austen Family Album. This one is from this week and it went together so quickly.

And here's the one from last week.  I'm just loving these 30's prints.  We are finished with week 13 out of 36 weeks so 1/3 of the way there.  I'm really thinking of using a nice yellow to set them.  We'll see when I get it laid out.

And finally I finished up the July blocks for the Supernova Friendship Block Swap.  Here are my first two blocks together.  I haven't gotten mine from my swap partner yet but they'll get here soon and we'll see how they all work together!

So that's all I've been up to this week!  What are you working on???

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My Favorite Quilt

I just heard about a fantastic linkup over at Sew Mama Sew where you can share your favorite quilt.  Today is the last day so I'm really glad I caught it!!  But when I thought about my favorite quilt, this is the first one that popped into my mind.

I finished this quilt years ago, back when I first really got into quilting.  There are many imperfections, but that doesn't erase the special memories that are in this one.  You see, I finished piecing the top for this quilt the day my grandmother died.  I was crying as the last stitches went into it.


There couldn't have been a more perfect quilt to be working on that day.  I had already worked a lot of memories into it.  Below is a closeup of one of the woven hearts.  The plaid is from a shirt my middle child used to wear when he was about 6.  The roses are from a corduroy jumper my daughter used to wear when she was 2 or 3.  My niece had a matching jumper.  Those kids are now 21, 17, and 17 respectively.


You see the plaid in this one???  That is from a shirt my ex mother-in-law used to put on my boys when they would get cold.  She'd put them in it, button it up, roll up the sleeves, and off they'd run, with it dragging on the floor behind them.  They were so little at the time!  The boys are now 25 and 21.


This plaid is another one of my middle son's shirts.  He was much younger with this one.  Maybe 3?  I have pictures somewhere of him wearing it riding the little kiddie rides at the rodeo.  Not to mention the fabric.  I love this border fabric.  I have tons of it left and it just adds so much to the quilt.


The backing has this fantastic cityscape.  Again, one of my favorites and I have a ton left.  It will make another appearance someday.  


I was such a new quilter, and learning as I went.  From this project, I learned that I need to fuse down my pieces to add stability to my applique.  I'm scared to use this quilt because the hearts are so delicately attached.  I'll figure out the best way to fix that someday.  But no matter what, I don't think any other quilt I finish will take the place of this one as "My Favorite Quilt."

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June 25, 2014

Welcome Coby James!

Look who's here!!!  This is my newest nephew, Coby James.  He's only a few minutes old here.  He was born about to hours ago to my brother and his wonderful wife.  Isn't he adorable???

So excited about his arrival!  Must plan a trip up to meet him.  And I suppose I should quilt up his baby quilt (top is done)!


June 23, 2014

Design Wall Monday

I think I just have way too many projects going for just one design wall.  So my "active this last week" ones and I took a walk outside for a photo shoot.  First up is the Texas Roadtrip QAL.  Can I just say I'm in love with this quilt???

I should get the Lubbock block finished tonight so the second quadrant will be done.  Then I can get started on the third quadrant which came out yesterday.

Next up is my Jane Austen Family Album blocks.  I raided my 30's stash for these.  A few of the prints are from my grandmother's fabrics, one of the few things I still have of hers, and I love the emotion they are adding for me personally into this quilt.

I still need to do this week's block that came out yesterday.

Next up is the first row of the Moda Trifle Dish Sew Along.  I'm way behind on this one but I decided to not rush it and just enjoy the process.  These are all scraps.  The half square triangles are bonus HST's from a previous project.

I also worked on a test quilt but I can't show that one yet.  

What have y'all been working on??


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June 22, 2014

Sunday Stash

Well, I mentioned yesterday that I was shop hopping all day Friday.  To say the least, I got a bunch of fun fabrics to bring home to play.

First up are some fantastic fun prints designed my Cori Dantini.  I just fell in love with her work and picked up anything that I saw.  This one is from Merry Stitches...

And this one is from The Sweet Life...

And from Hello World.....

I just love those animals!!!  And here is another from Merry Stitches...

Aren't they adorable!?!?!   Now my daughter wasn't at all surprised to see the next one.  It's a panel of Christmas angels by Jim Shore...

Yes, my teenager even knew who the designer was.  Yes, I've trained her well.

I've been slowly trying to build up my stash of low volume prints, mainly in trying to have a good stash of background fabrics.  Here's one of my favorites from this shopping trip.  It's from the Little Things collection by Arrin Turnmire of Little Figs for Moda (what a mouthful!).  

Don't you love those little scrabble tiles??   Then I found a few more prints from Chances of Flowers that I didn't already have so I picked them up for the Union Jack project.

This little orange paisley just called out to me.  It's from the Folklore line by Lily Ashbury for Moda.  Lately I seem to be all about paisley.

Some more fun low volume prints.  I just love text prints, any kind, but this one is so much fun!!!  It's from the Bobbins and Bits line by Pat Sloan for Moda. 

I love that line, "As ye sew, so shall ye rip."  Yes, yes, and yes.  Next up are these lovelies.  I'm such a sucker for anything with scroll work and these pastels just had to come home.  These are all from the Coquette line by Chez Moi for Moda.

I just love this next one.  This is from the Love Notes line by Echo Park Paper for Andover.

This purple and white fabric just jumped into my hands.  It was in the clearance section and was under $5/yard.  I finished off the bolt.  What you can't see is that the design is all outlined with silver.  It's gorgeous!!  The only identifying marks it has says, "Patt#BTR-5662" by Blank Quilting.

This next batch were purchased in an effort to "lighten up" my collection of teals/turquoise fabrics.  Starting on the left the gingham is from the Picnic line by Michael Miller, then is Weave Linen by Moda, and lastly Carnaby Street by Art Gallery Fabrics.

Now, you can't see it very well, but this next one is another paisley print.  It was the end of a bolt and it is Noteworthy by Moda.  I used this in a previous quilt and loved it and had been unable to find more to add to my stash. So glad I stumbled across it!!!

And last but not least, three yards of Kona White.  I was down to my last 4 inches and was in the middle of using it for my Jane Austen Family Album QAL.  

There are actually two more low volume prints that got mixed in with my mom's purchases that didn't make the photo shoot.  Hopefully I can share them later in the week.

Did you get to go do any fun fabric shopping last week?  Please share!!  Linking up with Sunday Stash being hosted this week by Handmade by Mary Emmons.


June 21, 2014

Flimsy Finish Friday (a little late)

I was on a shop hop yesterday and got quite the haul!  I'll show you everything tomorrow.  But, since I was doing that all day, Flimsy Finish Friday is a bit late (no apologies because I had too much fun!).  

I've been waiting to share this one for a while.  I test quilt patterns for Persimmon Quilts.  She runs a free mystery quilt series for QOV.  She got the last clue posted for this one last Saturday so I am free to share my pics this week!!!

Isn't it goregous!!!  I used some of my stash fabrics to make it and love the way it turned out.

The cream is a script print from Michael Miller from ages ago.  And I believe the light blue and red are prints from April Cornell.  She was one of my favorite Moda designers and I hoarded stashed away a ton of her stuff.

This one came out blurry and I just caught it so sorry about that, but it is the center square of this quilt.

The quilt was sewn on point.  Here's a closer shot of one of the corners.

Please go on over and choose one of the fabulous mysteries that LeAnn has posted.  She hasn't taken any down from the beginning and you'll have a great time making a quilt for a very worthwhile cause!!!


June 17, 2014

Playing Catch-Up!

Today was about playing a little bit of catch up for me.  I did this week's block for the Austen Family Album.  It's called the Friendship Square.  I really like this block.  I'll try to take a pic of all 11 blocks together at some point this week so you can get an idea of what it's going to look like.

And I'm just about caught up on my Texas Roadtrip QAL.  We are up to Amarillo which is Spanish for Yellow.  The person in charge of the Amarillo block chose this paper pieced rose.  But it looks more like a star to me.  Especially after my paper-pieced rose for Tyler.  But I really like this one too.

I'm hoping to have the Panhandle section and the first section finished by the end of the weekend.

So what are y'all working on???  Linking up with Quilt Story.


Design Wall Monday

This has been a long week with a lot of errands and a spontaneous trip to the coast but I did manage to get some work done on my Texas Roadtrip QAL from My Fabric Relish.  These are the blocks for Dallas and Tyler.  The rose isn't the one provided in the QAL but rather one I found online and resized to fit.  It's much more my style and I'm thrilled with it.


This is the start of the Ft. Worth block (the pic is terrible because it was really late and I couldn't get outside to get a good one, but you get the general idea). 

They released the next quadrant pattern on Sunday and I was working on that last night and will tackle the Amarillo block tonight.  Can't wait to see how this whole thing works out!  I have family members all over the state watching the progress on this quilt and I have a feeling I'll be making several versions of it before all is said and done.

So what's on your design wall? 


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June 15, 2014

Sunday Stash

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to everyone.  This is always a tough day for me because I miss my dad terribly.  But fabric helps!!  So as I sit here, hurricane in hand, let me share with you the fabric I picked up this week.

First up, this fabulous aqua fabric.  I wish the color showed better but it's actually a really bright aqua color.  I picked up half a yard today.  It's called Frutti and it's by Timeless Treasures.

And what about this one???  I just had to have it.  I grabbed a fat quarter just to have it but may have to go back for more.  It's from the Home Grown collection for Blend fabric.  

And I grabbed a fat quarter of this one too.  But the more I look at it I really think I want more for a backing.  It's another one by Timeless Treasures.  I apparently didn't get one with a selvage but it's listed as C8204.

And last, but certainly not least, this fantastic fabric.  I picked it up this week from Fat Quarter Shop. Have y'all heard about their flash sales?  They have 24-hour sales that start each morning at 10:00 a.m. CST and when they have yardage, it's usually between $4-$5/yd!!!!  So I grabbed a yard each of these two.  It's Zoe and Zach Scratchy Plaid.  Can't wait to put these to good use.

Did y'all get to pick up anything fun this week???


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June 14, 2014

Saturday at the Beach

So I totally blew off sewing today, loaded up the car and headed to Padre Island.  Isn't it gorgeous??

Pretty good looking kids too!  Hope y'all had a great Saturday!


June 13, 2014

Flimsy Finish Friday!!

I decided that this was the year of UFO's and scrap bustin'.  So far, I think this is my favorite scrap quilt so far!

This is my Scrap Jar Stars Quilt.  The pattern was posted by A Little Bit Biased a while back.

I've really been working on using some of the tons of scraps I've accumulated.  This quilt, although COMPLETELY from my scraps, barely made a dent.  My daughter was helping me get these pics.  Doesn't she look thrilled?  Lol...definitely hit the teenage years here.

Looking forward to sharing more scrap quilts with y'all!!


June 12, 2014

Texas Yellow Rose

I promise I'll get a better picture tomorrow when I can get out in the sun, but I couldn't resist sharing!!!  I am in love with this block!!!

June 8, 2014

Weekend Sewing

I've had a wonderfully busy sewing weekend.  All day Saturday I was working on testing a mystery quilt being hosted over at Persimmon Quilts.  She posts the last clue next weekend and then I'll be able to show y'all my finished top!!  :)  It's beautiful and I can't wait to share.  But since I can't, I'll show you everything else I worked on this weekend.

Moda started a new quilt along today, Trifle Dish Sew Along.  They promoted it as being scrap friendly so I pulled out my box of 2" scraps and a stack of bonus HST's from another project and put together this...

and this...

And I did this week's Jane Austen block...

and last week's block too!

So now I'm all caught up with that QAL.  I printed up a paper-pieced rose for the Texas Roadtrip QAL at work on Friday but left it sitting on my desk so I'll have to work on that one tomorrow night.  

So that's my weekend.  Did y'all get a lot of sewing time in?  What have you been working on?  Can't wait to see.


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June 6, 2014

Flimsy Finish Friday!

I'm so excited to share this one with you.  This is one I finished up while on my blogging hiatus and went out today to get some better pics to share with you!

Did any of y'all do the Virtual Quilting Bee over at Diary of a Quilter?  How about the Star Surround Quilt Along over at Happy Quilting?  If so, you may recognize parts of my version....

I made the Virtual Quilting Bee blocks and loved them but they were so small, and if anyone knows me, they know I "don't do" small quilts.  So the blocks sat around for months until inspiration struck...

I decided to take the lessons I learned from Melissa and her Star Surround Quilt Along and use the surrounds to frame out my Virtual Quilting Bee blocks.

PERFECT!!!!  Can you tell I'm in love with this quilt top??

There's a closer look at some of the blocks.  You can see where the VQB blocks are in the center of the surrounds. 

The fabrics are from a fat quarter tower I pulled out of my stash and finally put to a good use.  They are Strawberry Lemonade by Me and My Sister.  This is actually the second quilt I've gotten out of that fat quarter tower so I think I definitely got my money's worth!!!

Thanks for stopping by!