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October 31, 2016

Supernova Quilt

I finished up another WIP!!!  This one has been sitting in a drawer for at least a year.  But done!!  Here's the Supernova Quilt, designed by Freshly Pieced.

 A Quilting Chick - Supernova Quilt

This quilt has had quite the journey.  At first, my aunt and I were participating in a friendship swap, where we would each make two blocks a month and send one to each other, thus getting two different versions of the block each month. 

 A Quilting Chick - Supernova Block

My aunt went on a sewing craze and made 6 blocks, then decided she didn't want to do this version anymore and just started a new version for her husband's Christmas gift so she gave them to me.

 A Quilting Chick - Supernova Row

They lingered in a drawer for a long time until I pulled them out last week, arranged them, and put them together, and added a few borders.  Done!!!

 A Quilting Chick - Supernova Quilt

Glad to have another one done!!!  I feel like I've been on a roll lately. Can't wait to share more!

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October 25, 2016

Chicago Trip - Cultural Arts Center

Today I'm going to share pictures from our Chicago trip. After we toured Wrigley on our first day, we went downtown and found ourselves at the Cultural Arts Center. This place is AMAZING!!! It used to be the public library and has quite a history. But the architecture and glasswork was simply inspiring. Take a look...

And see that center circle in the dome? Here's a closeup look...

That's when I had the sense that I was in for something amazing in this building. We started going upstairs and wandering the rooms. We found a quilt exhibit. I thought I'd gotten pics of all of the quilts but only had this one...

This quilt was rough but had so many interesting details. If you're near Chicago, you really should go have a look. But What captured my imagination and inspired me so much was the building itself. Take a look at the Tiffany dome...

Yes, it was made by the artisans at Tiffany. It just sparkles! And the shear details. Take a look at the center of the dome...

I cannot even begin to communicate how awe-inspiring this place is. When I walked into the Tiffany dome room, I literally gasped.

I couldn't take in the details fast enough.

Even the archways leading from one section to the next were full of small details...

Around the dome was this saying. It struck me deeply. "Books are the legacies...

that a great genius leaves...

to mankind which are...

delivered down from...

generation to generation...

as presents to the...

posterity of...

those who are yet...

unborn. Addison

I sat underneath this dome and stared and studied and shed a tear or two (it was that moving). As quilters, we know how much time and effort goes into projects and the I cannot even imagine the time and effort that went into creating this gorgeous, lasting work of art.

If you ever get to Chicago, this building is an absolute must! It's directly across the street from the "bean." Hope I'm not boring yall yet as there is a lot more to come! Thanks for stopping by.

October 24, 2016

Mini Delectable Flowers

I'm so excited to show you my newest pattern!!  Introducing....Mini Delectable Flowers!

 A Quilting Chick - Mini Delectable Flowers

When I went to the Sew Pro Convention, I met Brenda Ratliff, designer for RJR Fabrics.  She handed me several charm packs of her new fabric line, One Room Schoolhouse.

 A Quilting Chick - One Room Schoolhouse

I love these fabrics!!!  I decided this was the perfect opportunity to make a mini version of my Delectable Flowers Pattern.

 A Quilting Chick - Delectable Flowers
I'm so excited about this pattern!  I made a crib size version using 42 matching sets of charms and some background fabric...

 A Quilting Chick - Mini Delectable Flowers

This quilt went together so quickly and was so much fun to make.

 A Quilting Chick - Mini Delectable Flowers

I love how there are colored flowers and if you look at it a little differently, they are offset with white flowers too...

 A Quilting Chick - Mini Delectable Flowers

The pattern is available in my Etsy store!  To celebrate the new pattern release, I'm offering a 20% discount off everything in the shop for the first week!  Just enter code MINI20 at checkout to get your discount.  If you decide to make the pattern, please send me pics!  I'd love to see your version.  Thanks so much for stopping by!

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October 21, 2016

Chicago - Tour of Wrigley

As promised, here's some more pics from our trip!  As you remember, we are baseball fans, so when we found out we were going to Chicago, we had to work in a tour of Wrigley Field.

 A Quilting Chick - Wrigley Field

 This was quite a sight for me!  I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Wrigley Field.  So much history in this place.  Our first view of the field was breathtaking...

A Quilting Chick - First view of the field

That ivy covered wall!  Did you know, that is still the original ivy?  So cool!  They were doing a lot of work on the field the day we were touring.  This scoreboard!

 A Quilting Chick - Wrigley Scoreboard

They still have men that work in there and manually make the necessary changes as the game progresses.

 A Quilting Chick - Big Blue W

Since it wasn't a game day (and since they lost when we went to a game) we didn't get to see the "real" big blue W flying.  But I wanted to remember their tradition and caught a pic of this sign.

 A Quilting Chick - Locker Room at Wrigley

This is a picture from the visiting team locker room at Wrigley Field.  This ballpark has been around for 100 years.  Just thinking about the players that were in this room over the course of that time was chilling.  You could "feel" the history.  Then we made our way up towards the press box and saw this on the way...

 A Quilting Chick - The Organ

How can you love going to baseball games and not love the organist?!?  Especially the ones that really get into the game and keep the crowd going.  And then we found the press boxes...

 A Quilting Chick - Wrigley Press Box

The view from up there was amazing!  They led us through a rousing rendition of, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," before continuing our tour.  On the way down to the field, I spied these smaller scoreboards, up under the seating.  I love these small touches!

 A Quilting Chick - Small Scoreboard

They really help make Wrigley unique!  And finally!  We made it onto the field!  Here's the view straight down the first baseline.

 A Quilting Chick - First Baseline at Wrigley

It was so amazing!!  Just to walk on that field!  Wondering who else walked in that spot, on that field.

 A Quilting Chick - Batting Circle

Although they are not "my" team, they sure have one heck of a neat home field!!  And going into the dugout!  OMG!  I'm a huge fan of baseball.  Thinking about players like Dizzy Dean, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, all being in this dugout???  *sighs*  It was a slice of baseball heaven.

 A Quilting Chick - Wrigley Dugout

And here's the view from their dugout.  (I'll stick with the stands, thank you!)

Our tour was over.  But what a neat place to visit.  Outside, I had to snap a picture of this statue, Ernie Banks, a Cubs classic.

Then it was off to lunch.  We walked up the street and had lunch a little neighborhood bar.  I love these places.

I'll do the rest of this day in a separate blog post.  There were way to many things to share for one post!

October 18, 2016

St. Louis Day 2 - Tour of Busch Stadium

Hi friends!  I'm finally sitting down and editing pics to show you the rest of my Sew Pro trip.  I cannot believe how many pictures I took.  I had such a good time and cannot wait to show you what we saw!!

Our second day in St. Louis was really just a morning tour of Busch Stadium before we headed up to Chicago.  But we really made the most of it.  We are huge baseball fans in this family!!  Be prepared for picture overload!!

As soon as we entered the stadium for our tour, I had to snap a picture because the famous arch was visible over the stadium walls and I had to capture that memory...

 A Quilting Chick - Arch Over Busch Stadium

Absolutely gorgeous!  The first thing we did on our tour was go down to the field!!  So amazing!

A Quilting Chick - View from Field - Bush Stadium

That's the view from right behind home plate.  Then we proceeded to the dugout...

 A Quilting Chick - Dugout Busch Stadium

I cannot even begin to fathom the famous players that have been in this dugout, in this spot!  Here's the view from the dugout...

 A Quilting Chick - View from Dugout

After seeing that, I decided I'm much happier watching the game from the stands.  After we were done with the dugout, we went through a maze in the stadium and came to one of the specialty "clubs" where people can watch the game in style.  But I was overwhelmed with this...

 A Quilting Chick - Baseball Card Wallpaper

I'm very sad that the picture came out so blurry.  This is a specialty wallpaper, made off old baseball cards that the team's owner has in his collection.  I used to collect baseball cards and let me tell you, just knowing that one person has all of these cards....wow.  Most of these are old tobacco cards, way before they started putting cards with bubblegum.  Amazing collection.  Then we went up to the press box...

 A Quilting Chick - Cardinals Press Box

Now, this is a great spot for watching the game.  Fantastic view and nice and cool!  When you're from Texas, cool air-conditioning counts a lot!  Then we got to go see ALL of the Cardinals trophies...

 A Quilting Chick - Cardinals Trophy

So so cool.  I'm an Astros fan and unfortunately, we just don't get these things.  But my favorite parts of the tour is seeing the way they honor their old players.  Here is the Stan Musial Courtyard (?)...

 A Quilting Chick - Stan Musial Courtyard

And then statues of their famous players.  My favorite Cardinals player of all times was honored, Dizzy Dean...

 A Quilting Chick - Dizzy Dean

Then we have  Stan Musial (of course).....

 A Quilting Chick - Stan Musial

And then Lou Brock....

A Quilting Chick - Lou Brock

And Bob Gibson....

 A Quilting Chick - Bob Gibson

And lastly Roger Hornsby...

 A Quilting Chick - Roger Hornsby

And that's it!!  We spent the rest of the day driving Route 66 up to Chicago.  I thought I grabbed pics of that stuff too but it looks like it was all on my phone so it's on my Instagram page.  Stay tuned for more!!!