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October 21, 2016

Chicago - Tour of Wrigley

As promised, here's some more pics from our trip!  As you remember, we are baseball fans, so when we found out we were going to Chicago, we had to work in a tour of Wrigley Field.

 A Quilting Chick - Wrigley Field

 This was quite a sight for me!  I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Wrigley Field.  So much history in this place.  Our first view of the field was breathtaking...

A Quilting Chick - First view of the field

That ivy covered wall!  Did you know, that is still the original ivy?  So cool!  They were doing a lot of work on the field the day we were touring.  This scoreboard!

 A Quilting Chick - Wrigley Scoreboard

They still have men that work in there and manually make the necessary changes as the game progresses.

 A Quilting Chick - Big Blue W

Since it wasn't a game day (and since they lost when we went to a game) we didn't get to see the "real" big blue W flying.  But I wanted to remember their tradition and caught a pic of this sign.

 A Quilting Chick - Locker Room at Wrigley

This is a picture from the visiting team locker room at Wrigley Field.  This ballpark has been around for 100 years.  Just thinking about the players that were in this room over the course of that time was chilling.  You could "feel" the history.  Then we made our way up towards the press box and saw this on the way...

 A Quilting Chick - The Organ

How can you love going to baseball games and not love the organist?!?  Especially the ones that really get into the game and keep the crowd going.  And then we found the press boxes...

 A Quilting Chick - Wrigley Press Box

The view from up there was amazing!  They led us through a rousing rendition of, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," before continuing our tour.  On the way down to the field, I spied these smaller scoreboards, up under the seating.  I love these small touches!

 A Quilting Chick - Small Scoreboard

They really help make Wrigley unique!  And finally!  We made it onto the field!  Here's the view straight down the first baseline.

 A Quilting Chick - First Baseline at Wrigley

It was so amazing!!  Just to walk on that field!  Wondering who else walked in that spot, on that field.

 A Quilting Chick - Batting Circle

Although they are not "my" team, they sure have one heck of a neat home field!!  And going into the dugout!  OMG!  I'm a huge fan of baseball.  Thinking about players like Dizzy Dean, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, all being in this dugout???  *sighs*  It was a slice of baseball heaven.

 A Quilting Chick - Wrigley Dugout

And here's the view from their dugout.  (I'll stick with the stands, thank you!)

Our tour was over.  But what a neat place to visit.  Outside, I had to snap a picture of this statue, Ernie Banks, a Cubs classic.

Then it was off to lunch.  We walked up the street and had lunch a little neighborhood bar.  I love these places.

I'll do the rest of this day in a separate blog post.  There were way to many things to share for one post!

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  1. What a treat for a baseball lover! I did NOT know the ivy has continued on from the beginning. So interesting to hear that. Thanks for sharing your adventure. I look forward to seeing more.