July 20, 2018

American Flag Quilt - Set 1 Complete!

Hi y'all!  I wanted to pop in and show you the first blocks that I completed for the American Flag quilt.  Just so you know, I'm basing these on the state block patterns that are floating around the internet.  I am drafting them in EQ so I can paper piece them to the size I want.  These are my Indiana blocks (pattern available in this blog post).

First up, my blue block.  I'm making one of each for a total of 50 and it will finish at 3".

Next are my white Indiana blocks.  I made two of these:

And finally, my red blocks.  Since this was a pretty easy block, I decided to make three of this one. 

The red and white blocks will finish at 4".  Here they are together.

Next up are my Louisiana blocks.  You can find the blue and white pattern here and the red and white pattern here.  Again, a pretty easy block so I'll be making 2 of them in white and 3 in red.  We'll need 50 blue and white blocks (of course!), 93 white on white blocks and 104 red on red blocks, so pick the easier ones or your favorite ones to make an extra red and the harder ones to make less white. :)

Again, here's what we are going for:

Really enjoying this one and working at a non-rushed pace! 

July 6, 2018

American Flag Quilt

Y'all know how it is when an idea strikes. This one's been in my brain for a few years, but this morning, I HAD to sit down and figure it out. It flat out wouldn't let go. I've wanted to do an American Flag Quilt for a long time.

I envision the white in the blue patch as blue & white stars. The stripes will be made up of tone on tone red and white stars. What do you think? I've pretty much decided to make it. I'm not setting a time limit because it will be an involved long-term quilt.

This is the first block I'm making.  The quilt will need 50 blue and white blocks (of course!), 93 white on white blocks and 104 red on red blocks.  So if I do 50 different blocks, I'll make 1 of these in the blue and white (a 3" block), and 3 in red on red (4" block) and 2 in white on white (4" block).  Those link to the paper pieced patterns.  When dealing with blocks this small, I find paper piecing to be much more accurate!

If anyone wants to play along, I'll post the patterns here.  But it will be a long-term project.  I'm not putting a timeframe on it because we don't need the stress.  Feel free to join in if you like and tag your posts with #AQuiltingChick and #AmericanFlagQuilt.

May 15, 2018

Fancy That! Layouts!!!!

Ugh!  I had this all ready to go Sunday night but hit save instead of publish!  I'm so sorry!  Are you ready???  It's time to put our Fancy That! quilt tops together!  This is going to be fun.  Just take it a section at a time and don't rush it!

Here's the overall layout:

We are going to make this a section at a time.  I lay out each section, sew it together, then layout the next, and so on.  Start with Section 1:

Then 2...

Then 3.

Now join Sections 1-3 together.

Now make Section 4...

And 5...

And join Sections 4-5 together.

Now join Sections 1-3 to 4-5...

And then Section 6

And Section 7...

Join Section 6 to 7...

Now join Sections 1-5 to 6-7....

Yay!!!  All that's left is adding your borders.  I cut 4-1/2" strips and bordered all sides.

And that's it!!!  Yay!!!  I'll add a linkup next time and we will see how everyone did!  DO NOT hesitate to ask any questions you have.  I'll be happy to help guide you through this!!!

May 3, 2018

Love + Leche Review

Hi y'all!

Boy, have I got a great little product here to tell you about today.  A few months ago, I was asked if I would like to try Love + Leche lotion bars and give my opinion on it to y'all.  I jumped at it because, let's be honest, as quilters we all need a good lotion that won't leave a greasy feel on our hands and that won't transfer to our fabric.  Have you heard of Love + Leche?  Here's a bit about them.

I love that this is handcrafted, all natural and that it is supporting another small business!  Here's what they sent:

I just love good packaging, don't you?  So what's in the bag:

I was very curious about these because I've never used a "lotion bar" before and wasn't sure what to expect.

I want you to know, the first thing I noticed was the amazing scent.  I was sent Lemongrass and the scent of lemon filled the room as soon as I opened the tin.  It smells sooooo good!  To use it, you pick up the bar and rub it between your hands. 

Now, I'll be honest, I was a bit concerned.  When I used it, my hands did get that greasy feeling and I was worried that it would be a problem.  But....it soaks in very quickly and I didn't have any issue with it rubbing off on anything.  And, it left my hands feeling SO GOOD!

You really need to try this stuff!  And, as a reader of my blog, Love + Leche is offering you a free mini-balm with any $15 purchase from now until 5/15!  Just use coupon code: quiltingchick.

I hope you give them a try!  I absolutely love it and know you will too!

***I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

April 30, 2018

Fancy That! Quilt Along - Step 4 (For Reals!)

Hi y'all!!  Thanks so much for all the kind well wishes you've sent and for being so patient with me.  It's been a long couple of weeks. 

As I said in my very brief post, we are making 4-1/2" pinwheels this time around.  We need (68) 4" blocks so just subtract out the number of 4" panel blocks you have to see how many pinwheels you need to make.

We are going to use the same system for making our half-square triangles as we did last time.  You'll need the following for each pinwheel:

(1) 4-1/4" background square
(1) 4-1/4" main fabric

Place one of each square, right sides together, and pin:

Sew around all 4 sides:

Cut on both diagonals:

Press open and square each HST to 2-1/2".

Arrange 4 matching HST's into a pinwheel and assemble your block!

And that's it!  I need to make 32 of them myself but you have time!!  My sewing room is a disaster right now as I'm refinishing both my ironing dresser and my sewing desk so I'll get to these ASAP!  I've so enjoyed seeing all of your progress!!  Keep using #FancyThatQAL in your posts so I can see all of your beautiful work!!


April 16, 2018

Fancy That! Quilt Along - Step 4

My friends, I'm feeling very sick today so the good, step by step tutorial will be updated tomorrow.  For those of you ready to get started, we will be following the same steps we used last time in making half square triangles to make 4-1/2" pinwheel blocks.  Same cut sizes,  everything the same except the layout.

Sorry for the delay but it's a stomach bug so I should be good to fix it tomorrow! 

April 2, 2018

Fancy That! Quilt Along - Step 3

Good morning friends!!  Today we are working on our 8" blocks.  You need a total of (28) 8" blocks.  I have (14) panel/focus 8" blocks so I need to make (14) churn dash blocks.

Ready?!?  Let's do it!

First, you'll need to cut the following:

(1) 4-1/2" square
(1) 4-1/4" square
(1) 1-1/2" strip

(1) 4-1/4" square
(1) 1-1/2" strip

Let's start with the half-square triangles (HST's).  Start by pinning the 4-1/4" squares, right sides together, on all four sides:

Sew all 4 sides:

Line up the sewn squares on your mat, matching up the corners with the 45-degree angle lines, and cut on both diagonals:

Press open and square them up to 2-1/2".

(Love my Bloc-Loc Rulers, btw!).  Now let's make our strip sets.  Pin the 1-1/2" strips together lengthwise, right sides together.

Sew along the length and press open.  Sub-cut into 4-1/2" lengths.  You'll need (4) per block.

We're ready to put our blocks together.  Here's the layout:

Sew it all together and here you go!

Square them up to 8-1/2"!  That's it.  Nice and easy!  I'm really enjoying seeing everyone's progress!  We're getting close to finishing!!  So exciting!!  I'll be posting our next step on 4/16.  :)

March 19, 2018

Fancy That! Quilt Along - Step 2

Looks like y'all have been having as much fun as I have with this quilt along!  I've really enjoyed seeing all of your panels popping up on social media!

This week, we are making the sawtooth stars to fill in our large blocks.  You need a total of (15) 12-1/2" blocks.  So just subtract however many 12-1/2" panel blocks you got ready in the last step from the (15), and that's how many sawtooth stars you need to make.

In my case, I have (8) panel blocks in the large size so I need to make (7) sawtooth stars.

Cutting Instructions:

For each sawtooth star, you'll need:

Main Fabric
(4)  3-7/8" squares, draw line on diagonal

(1)  6-1/2" square

Background Fabric
(1)  7-1/4" square
(4)  3-1/2" squares

Sewing Instructions:

Place (2) 3-7/8” squares on top of (1) 7-1/4” square, right sides together, as shown.  The center corners will overlap.  Pin as shown.

Sew a scant 1/4” seam on each side of the diagonal line as shown.  

Cut on your drawn diagonal line and press open.  You will have two pieces that look like the picture to the right.

Pin a 3-7/8” square to the corner of your partial flying geese.  Pin as shown.  Repeat for both of the partial flying geese pieces.

Sew a scant quarter inch seam on both sides of your drawn line, as shown.

Cut on your drawn line and press open.  You will now have 4 flying geese units.  Square up to 3-1/2 x 6-1/2”. 

Arrange (4) flying geese units with (1) matching 6-1/2” square and (4) 3-1/2” background squares as shown.  Sew into three rows.  Press seams away from the flying geese units.

Layer the top and bottom row over the middle row as shown.  Pin along the long edges and sew.

Press open. You've now completed your sawtooth star!  Remember, you need to repeat this until you have a TOTAL of (15) 12-1/2" blocks.

Here's a few of mine:

Now, think about this though.  ANY 12" BLOCKS WILL WORK!!!  I'm giving you the instructions for the sawtooth stars, but feel free to make this your own!  If there is a different block that will make your quilt pop, that fits with your focus fabric, then feel free to switch that with the stars!  Tomorrow, I'll show you the changes I made for my Valentine's version of Fancy That!

Can't wait to see your blocks!!!  Be sure to tag me and #FancyThatQAL in your social media posts!!