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September 12, 2018

My Happy Place Row Along!

I'm so excited to be participating in the "My Happy Place Row Along" hosted and organized by the fabulous Marian of Seams to be Sew!  She has been amazing in putting this together and keeping everyone organized.  I cannot even begin to imagine how much work she has put into this event.  Thanks Marian for everything you do!

Today I'm sharing my row.  When I first thought about my happy place, I immediately thought about my sewing room.  Even started to design the row.  But it just wasn't quite right and I started thinking in broader terms.  When I started looking through the fabrics offered to us to complete the rows by Northcott (another huge thank you!!) and stumbled across their line called Cowboy Mantras, I knew I had it!

Texas is my happy place!  So without further ado, here's my row...

Here's a link to the pattern!  Let's start with the simple block...

Isn't that the cutest???  We all know that panel blocks come in all different sizes.  When I cut out the panel to make this block, it measured at 6-1/2".  All of my blocks for this row needed to be at 10-1/2".  You can make yours with any panel block that you want to; just be sure to increase the size of your cut panel to 10-1/2" with fabric strips on the sides.

The easy math for this is this.  Add an inch to the desired finished size to account for seam allowances.  So...

10-1/2 + 1" = 11-1/2"

Then subtract the size of your cut panel block...

11-1/2" - 6-1/2" = 5"

Since we are adding strips to both sides, divide that number in half...

5" divided by 2 = 2-1/2"

So my strips needed to be 2-1/2" wide.   Easy peasy!

Next up is the fence block:

I do so love this block!  The cutting instructions are on the pattern and it is very simple to put together.  I chose to make a small star block to hang as a quilt on my fence.  You can make any small quilt that you like for yours, just make sure it measures 4" square so it doesn't overwhelm your fence.  Mine is pinned into place until the quilting is done, then I'll attach it.

And finally, our star block...

Now, don't let yourself freak out!  This is a very simple paper pieced block.  There are some great paper piecing tutorials on the web so I won't overdo here, but I will give you my tips on assembly.

First, after you cutout the pattern, layout the block and mark each piece with the color of fabric that you are going to use...

I used "B" for blue, "R" for red, and left the background pieces blank.

Knowing what size to cut fabric always seems to be a stumbling block for people.  Here's what I do.  Layout the paper piece and put your ruler over it.  The first piece is easy.  Just make sure the fabric will cover the entire section 1 and will give a seam allowance on all sides...

Then using fabric glue applied to the back of the paper piece, adhere piece 1 to the wrong side of your piece 1 fabric...

The second piece of fabric is where the trouble comes in.  Place the quarter inch line of your ruler on the seam line...

By doing this, you can clearly see how big the fabric needs to be cut in order to cover the entire piece, including your seam allowances.  I cut this piece at 2" x 5".

Here's another example...

We are dealing with a lot of angled pieces.  By putting the quarter inch line on our sewing line, it's easy to see that this next piece should be cut at 2-1/4" x 6".

Once your pieces are assembled, layout your quilt block to make sure the colors are all in the right places and so you can easily see which pieces go together.

In the case of our star, the top two pieces go together, then on each half, we join the two bottom pieces.  This is another tripping point so I'm going to show you how I assemble my paper pieced sections.  PINS ARE YOUR FRIENDS HERE!!!

I pin at every single intersection as well as both ends.  Put a pin directly into the seam where two lines join together...

Make sure it goes through the exact same spot on the back, again, where the seam lines intersect...

DON'T PIN THEM IN PLACE YET!  Just put the pins through each intersection.

Now, pull the pin tight and pinch the pieces together, right next to the pin, so that the pieces don't shift, then pin in place...

Repeat with all pins.  Then sew together.  Repeat for all sections...

And combine each section, again, pinning at every single seam intersection.

And there you have it!  I hope you love this row as much as I do!!  And that I was able to help you along the way.

Now for the giveaway!  Are you ready for that!  Today's wonderful sponsor is Kimberbell Designs.

She has graciously agreed to giveaway TWO patterns!

Isn't that cute?!?  I can't wait to see who gets it!  Here's the Rafflecopter.  You know what to do!  Rules for the giveaway are at the end of the post.  Winner is responsible for the shipping charges.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here is the rest of the row along schedule.  Please visit my new friends and enjoy!

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018
Show and Tell Day

Thanks so much for joining me today!!!  I'd love to hear from you and seeing your finished rows!  I actually plan on taking mine and the leftover panel blocks and making another Fancy That Quilt! :)

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