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October 27, 2014

Pink Scrap Quilt

Here's another quilt that I made a few years ago and have been wanting to share with yall. And the Blogger's Quilt Festival is the perfect excuse for pulling it out and taking pics.  I made this quilt for my daughter, Cassidy, a few years back.  

There is a pattern that I picked up called Cake Mix, by Cozy Quilt Design.  I decided I could use up the scraps that I had from making a quilt for my niece in using this pattern.  The pinks and purples were perfect for Cassidy.  

As you can see, it is a fairly simple quilt, but the effects of placement are wonderful.  It calls for 10" squares (layer cake), 2-1/2" strips (jelly roll), and a bit of yardage for the matching squares and inner border.  I used up the scraps I had instead and used a bunch of smaller squares for the border.

Isn't it awesome how using just one cohesive fabric makes a scrappy quilt really pop??

At the time, my daughter was really into peace symbols so I quilted it with an all-over design of daisies and peace symbols.

It remains one of my favorite patterns and I've made it up in several different ways.  But this one remains a favorite

And best of all, the then 12-year old little girl loved it!!!  :)



  1. You are right, colour can really make a scrappy quilt hang together. I like the quilting you have done on this too.

  2. That looks like a fun and quiick pattern! Love how it turned out!