April 24, 2015

Bluebonnet Shop Hop 2015 - B and B Quilting

Today I thought I'd share another stop on the Bluebonnet Shop Hop, here in Central Texas. We're stopping at B and B Quilting in Buda, Texas.  This is another favorite shop that has really grown in the last few years.  They just moved into a new building...

B and B Quilting 

It is, what I call, a Texas style building.  Everything, including the doors, are so inviting...

B and B Quilting

Here are a few of the shop samples.  Here is their version of the shop hop quilt.  (As you can see, they carry a ton of notions too!)...

B and B Quilting - Shop Hop Quilt 

I love this log cabin quilt...

B and B Quilting - Log Cabin Quilt 

And just look at this quilt!

B and B Quilting  

And this sample...

B and B Quilting  

I think one of the draws of this shop for me is that they are moving toward a more modern look and carrying fabrics to go with that movement.  Mom spent quite a bit at B and B.  I love these.  We picked some up last year but I've already used them so Mom bought a few more yards in three different colorways...

B and B Quilting 

I love this black!  It has a depth to it that is perfect.  Almost a velvet look to me.  And this green Mom loved and I think it will be fun to incorporate.  Greens are seriously lacking in my stash.

B and B Quilting 

Mom is a teal person and we have bought this teal a few times and used them all so she bought a few more yards of it too.  This blue was by the cutting table, is actually 108" wide but Mom loved it so she bought a yard.  

B and B Quilting 

I was being good and only bought a half yard of this orange fabric.  I have it in a light blue and adore it so I couldn't pass it up.

B and B Quilting 

And finally, here are our free fat quarters from B and B Quilting.

B and B Quilting 

If you are ever on I35 just south of Austin, be sure to pull into Buda, Texas, and stop at B and B Quilting.  You will truly enjoy this little gem of a shop in the heart of Texas.


Lara B. said...

What a fun time you had Cathy! It looks like you both enjoyed pulling fabrics and restashing. I would not have been able to resist a lot of those too. Love that Texas architecture too!

Anonymous said...

I love that building! I'd want to stop even if it weren't a quilt shop. They have wonderful samples and terrific displays, too. Thanks for sharing this shop with us.