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May 16, 2014

May Prepping Challenge Day 5

Today I almost caved.  I'm telling you....it was a close call.  Work was fine.  I took leftover taco meat and shells to work and made up some tacos for lunch.  Yum.  Gotta love Mexican food days.  But see, after work, I knew would be tough.

I had to go to the bank and make my car payment, then drive over to my mom's/aunt's house to meet with my aunt about the Supernova Friendship Swap.  I'd already finished my huge mug of tea during the work day and I was driving right past a McD's and they have great sweet tea.  But I told myself I could just get a drink at mom's and kept on going.  That was the easiest of my temptations today.

I got to mom's and my aunt was laying out a quilt on her design wall.  It has a Declaration of Independence as the center panel and 7-8 Americana themed panel blocks around it.  The quilt shop she works for asked her to make up a shop sample and to write up the design as she went along.  Of course, I threw in my two-cents and then pulled up the info for the swap on her laptop so we could go over everything, choose colors and background fabrics, make a plan.

As we were talking, my aunt and mom asked me to give them an update on "that crazy chicken lady."  I had to laugh.  See, when we were on our shop hop last month, I was reading aloud the stories about the chickens and the eggs from Judy's blog.  As they both grew up on a farm, they thought her stories were hilarious and are always asking me for updates on her chicken/egg progress.  I told them about the prepping challenge and that I was gonna have to break it because there is NO WAY I can make it through the weekend without my sweet tea and I am flat out of sugar.

My aunt jumped on that right away.  She offered to give me 3 cups of sugar if I helped her come up with a design for her quilt.  DONE!!  I helped her figure out her layout, got my sugar, and avoided a trip to the grocery store.

You'd think that would be all.  But no.  I left there around 7 and was leaving their neighborhood and trying to figure out dinner.  My tummy was growling and I was ready for dinner.  I thought to myself, I just saved myself from having to go to the grocery store.  So since I was ready to break the challenge today anyway, maybe I can just pull into Burger King and grab a burger.  It's just me again tonight, so it wouldn't hurt my budget any.  Then I told myself, no!!  You're doing so well this week, there is plenty of food at home.  It was a good 5 minute internal argument (some of it actually rather vocal :) ).  But the challenge won out and I made it past temptation.

So dinner tonight was another piece of fried chicken.

I have learned that now that middle child moved out, little one and I DO NOT need 7 drumsticks for dinner.  I need to repackage those things.  Four will be plenty.  Dinner and leftovers.

I also need to figure out when I can actually go to the grocery store and not screw up the challenge.  There are some good sales this week that I want to take advantage of before the sale ends on Tuesday.

How are y'all doing with the challenge???

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1 comment:

  1. Nice trade for sugar! Your aunt is pretty clever getting some design help. LOL
    Sometimes it's really hard to argue with ourselves and not cave in to that darn burger! But you won and stuck to the challenge. You are doing great!
    I didn't even look at the sale ads this week so I don't know what I'm missing out on. :)