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May 14, 2014

WIP Wednesday and May Prepping Challenge Day 3

Hello Everyone!!  Has your week been good?  Productive?  I feel like this week has been sooooo long!  You know what I mean.  Those weeks where you wake up on Tuesday thinking it's Wednesday?  And then waking up Wednesday and thinking it's Thursday?  Yep, I'm having one of those weeks.  But I've been pushing through and have accomplished quite a bit!

First up, I finished up the medium Diamond Hearted Stars for the "Oh My Stars" quilt along.

They are so pretty.  My daughter keeps looking at this quilt and saying, "This is for me, right?"  As if she's really asking.  She's laying down her claim early.  Here it is as of Sunday evening:

My daughter says that's the best part of having a mom that quilts is that she gets first choice on anything coming off my sewing machine.  Arguing the point with her is a waste of breath.  She is convinced.

I also caught up on my Jane Austen quilt along, finishing up this week's block last night.

As far as the May prepping challenge goes, my day 3 was another success.  I had leftover fried chicken and mashed potatoes for lunch and then tonight was an easy night of fried bologna sandwiches (yes, I'm southern as if my sweet tea rant the other day didn't clue you in!).  Wednesdays are just to exhausting for me to want to cook in the evening.

Are you joining in the prepping challenge?  How has your week gone?

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  1. I love those stars. I think that star quilts are what got me into quilting in the first place. And the purple--lovely!

  2. Ooh, thought my purples were pretty but yours blow me away! What gorgeous blocks - hardly surprising your daughter is bagsying it early :)

  3. I'm with Glinda - those purples are purplicious! YUM!