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July 12, 2014

Piggy Bank Challenge

Hey y'all!  Two posts in one day!  Are you shocked?  I'm excited about the updated look on the blog and am trying to catch up on things I haven't gotten to this week.  This post is one of them.

Val, over at Val's Quilting Studio, has this new challenge that started this week.  Seems she and her husband have this challenge going on throughout the year to see who can save the most change in their change jars.  (Well, they seem to throw in ones and fives too)  Whoever saves the most gets treated to ice cream by the loser.  She has extended this challenge to the masses.  So here's my change jar.  It already has a little bit of a start, as you can see....

Next summer I plan on taking my daughter to Disney World and this will make some great pocket money for me to buy my personal souvenirs (think nutcracker at Epcot!!!) and maybe some fabric if I can manage to drag her to a quilt shop or two.  

Here's a link to the challenge and link up...

Val's Quilting Studio

I'd love to see how many people we can get to join in.  What would you do with all that change??


  1. Disneyland!!! LOVE IT! and even more, love the new blog look!! Thanks for joining the challenge Cath.

  2. Good luck with the challenge. It will be fun to see how much everyone ends up with.

  3. Great bank!! And a great idea to save for your souvenirs. They always cost more than I think they are going to, or have budgeted for.

  4. I love your change jar. Souvenirs from you trip is a wonderful idea to save for.